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    Imagine a world without trees. What if the rainforests and all of the plantsand animals suddenly did not exist? In 1962Gaylord Nelson decided somethingneeded to be done to pro

     Imagine a world without trees. What if the rainforests and all of the plants and animals suddenly did not exist? In 1962 Gaylord Nelson decided something needed to be done to protect the environment. The work that he began led to what we now know as Earth Day.

     Mr. Nelson realized very few people were concerned about environmental problems. He then went to Washington D.C. where he hoped to persuade President Kennedy to take a stand on environmental problems. It wasn’t long before President Kennedy agreed that action should be taken. The president set out on a five-day eleven-state conservation(保护自然资源) tour in September of 1963. Although Kennedy’s tour was not a success Mr. Nelson was not ready to give up.

     Mr. Nelson continued to speak to people across 25 states about the importance of the environment. Although his point of view began to be accepted by most people politicians (政治家) were still not listening.

     In September of 1969 at a meeting in Seattle Mr. Nelson announced that he would hold a nationwide demonstration (游行) for environmental protection the next spring. On April 22 1970 (the first Earth Day) more than 20 million Americans took part in the demonstration. It made people sit up and pay attention to environmental problems. One year later the UN signed(签署) an announcement making Earth Day an official international holiday. Now Earth Day is celebrated each year around the world and more and more people begin to realize the importance of protecting the environment.

59. The main idea of the second paragraph is that _______.

A. Mr. Nelson tried to win the support of the government to protect the environment.

B. President Kennedy made a successful conservation tour.

C. Mr. Nelson prepared for the nationwide demonstration.

D. few people realized the importance of protecting the environment.

60. When did Earth Day become an official international holiday?_________

A. In 1963.     B. In 1969.    C. In 1970.    D. In 1971.

61. In which order did the following events happen?__________

a. Mr. Nelson made speeches about the importance of environment across 25 states.

b. Mr. Nelson went to Washington D.C.

c. The first Earth Day was celebrated

d. President Kennedy set out on a conservation tour.

A. b-a-d-c     B. b-d-a-c     C. a-b-d-c     D. a-b-c-d

62. The best title for the passage would be “___________”.

A. Mr. Nelson-----A Great Environmentalist.

B. How to protect the environment.

C. Importance of Environmental Protection.

D. History of Earth Day.

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